Angus Massey's work is at once classical and contemporary. Drawing from Eastern philosophies, most notably Advaita, he uses the human figure as a means to question our commonly held notions of consciousness, reality and the self. 

His early training was in life drawing and graphic design and it is from these foundations that his sculpture evolved. After art college in Ireland he moved to Italy where he lived for more than ten years, working in various studios in Pietrasanta, Florence and Siena. He also travelled extensively in Africa and India where he worked with stone and bronze. His first solo show was in Israel in 2010. 

Combining the two-dimensional surface of the mirror with three-dimensional form, he creates figures that unite differing realms of perception, proposing a synthesis of elements, dimensions and realities. By fusing the weightless, silent reflection and the heavy, opaque solidity of the bronze, a trans-dimensional entity is embodied; a figure in perfect symmetry. There is absolute balance, and echoes of the physical and the spiritual existing side by side, forming a unified whole. 

"I am interested in questioning the divisions we impose upon reality in order to understand it, the boundaries inherent in our attempts to comprehend and organise our perceived universe and how we can transcend those boundaries. 

The theory that inspires my work is largely based on eastern philosophy, in particular Shaivism and Advaita, philosophies that propose an underlying unity to all reality."

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